Graphic Designer

I worked at the publisher Faber Music Ltd in London for 8 years, specialising in promoting composers and their music.  Here I gained valuable experience in the publishing & production process, particularly in typography, layout design, editing & printing.

While working, I also studied graphic design for the Music Industry at Central Saint Martin's (University of the Arts London).

Since leaving London, and relocating to Chamonix, France, I have now developed my print and digital portfolios, establishing a strong and varied client base, working with larger companies and individuals all over Europe.

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding future design projects.​+33 (0)641 66 64 91

REALISING DESIGN is an independent design consultancy providing brand identity, promotion and communication solutions for businesses and individuals in the arts and other creative industries.

With a background in publishing, music and the performing arts, Lis Bickford, REALISING’s designer, has a unique insight into the needs of clients in the creative sectors.


Realising: "to grasp or understand clearly; to make real; give reality to; to bring vividly 
to the mind."